exsunpaca asked:
No, I'm Sunny and I'm Korean. Like, Korean. Dad B(

Ah, of course! You’re from Korea; well, that makes a lot more sense. 

Actually, it is.

Right? They’re just afraid that everyone will realize that we’re just like every other user of this website.

moobum asked:
It's doing .. pretty good, still looking for some friends. But, good. Thank you. How is doing yours?

Ahh. Finding friends can be both easy and difficult around here. I hope that you will find some really good ones soon! In any case, I’ll always have my ask box open if you need someone to talk to.

I, myself, am doing well! Although I need to find something to eat soon, seen as I’m getting hungry. 

I’m trying to convince the staff in the office that making a YouTube show called “Tumblr Headquarters” is indeed a splendid idea.

moobum asked:
(/Tugs at shirt and blinks) My name is Kibum. Call me Key. I'm from South Korea. Hi.

A son! It is a pleasure to meet you Key from South Korea. How are you enjoying your stay here in our home?


I also understand why you have such limits, though, daddy. You need to make sure the servers don’t crash, but a lot of people don’t see or understand that. Servers are very expensive, and to constantly ask for it to be bigger would cost a lot of money, and if that were to happen, we’d gain no post limits, but perhaps then it’ll be more like Facebook where there’ll be no more editing of themes and such. Pages, even. 

Yes, it’s probably the haughty attitude, too. I only got the best traits, after all. 

You got it right. It is rather bothersome for the headquarter to get those kind of messages when there’s only so much memory space left. There’s no need for me to go further into the topic as it seems you understand, which I am grateful for. And yes, imagine Tumblr without those customizable traits. It really would be like Facebook or Twitter.

Looks and personality. What else can I say?


Mmm, yes. I can think of a few flaws Tumblr has -looks at you pointedly- But it’s still has a better interface than Facebook. I’m sure Facebook’s creator said somethings about you, too. But let’s not jump to any conclusions, just yet. I agree, though. I rather find someone miles away that understands me, than be surrounded by those who don’t.

I’m good at intellectual sparring matches, sir. I inherited it from you after all. -grins- And that’s true, everything is possible with a little imagination. 

I am aware that a lot of you have complaints about a few things on this network, and I’m ready to take suggestions. I will also try to explain to you why the matter is how it is if you wish. So if you have have one of the said, know that my ask is always open.

That’s my girl. I see where you got your good looks from too.


Well, I’m always distracted whenever I get on here. That’s kind of the goal now, isn’t it? /laughs.

Am I a good daughter?

That is really good! That means we must be doing something right down here in the office. 

As far as I can tell, you’re being an ideal daughter, Victoria! You have a simple and well organized blog. You seem to be able to use your language well and you have yet to unreasonably complain about the website. Which is much appreciated.
I am open for suggestions, so if you have any questions then I’ll be happy to answer. But a lot of people have taken the habit of yelling and I don’t see the point of that. 

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